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  1. Introduction On February 15, 2018, the Supreme Court of Japan held that when an employee of a subsidiary company lodges a claim with the compliance consultation contact of the parent


  The following is a basic description of building leases in Japan, for a foreign company which is considering entering Japanese market, and the terms and conditions thereof.   1. La


  1. Introduction What kind of reasons and procedures are required to cause directors of Japanese stock companies (Kabushiki Kaisha) to resign? Also, will a company be required to pay a


  1. There is a risk that a clause regarding international jurisdiction which does not have limitation to an object will be judged invalid. While a clause regarding international jurisd


The Japanese Government has started to disclose names of so-called "Black Companies" ("burakku kigyo" in Japanese, which generally means companies which force their employees work under harsh wo


  The Japanese Government is taking serious new measures to eliminate excessive work by employees in Japan, and employers need to be aware.   Under the administrative standards for


  1.Abolishment of residence requirement for representative members of Godo Kaisha and persons who perform their duties (shokumu shikkoshas) under the registration practice A Godo Kai


  1.The effect of an “applicable law” provision in a labor contract is limited Some foreign companies think that Japanese labor law is not applicable to a labor contract as long as the co


On 3 July 2015, the Act for Partial Revision of the Patent Law was enacted and is expected to become effective on 1 April 2016 (hereinafter, the “Amended Patent Law”). While the second Abe Cabin


  Employers in Japan should be prepared for an important revision to the Patent Act of Japan, which will affect the right of employers to obtain patents for the inventions of employees,


  In Japan today, many employers are trembling with fear at the thought of their employees’ reaction to the newly-introduced Stress Check test. Beginning in December 2015, all busines