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2017.10.16 | Media Appearances

Shin Ushijima's comment was published in The Financial Times dated October 16, 2017, entitled "Kobe scandal strikes another blow to image of Japan Inc."

2017.10.13 | Seminars, etc.

Osamu Inoue delivered a lecture titled “Influence of the reform of the Civil Code (law of obligations) on real property transactions and points to note in practical operations.”   The outli

2017.10.12 | Media Appearances

Shin Ushijima's comment was published in Les Echos dated October 12, 2017, entitled "Kobe Steel : l'industrie japonaise plombée par les scandales à repetition."

2017.10.10 | Media Appearances

Shin Ushijima's comment was published in The New York Times dated October 10, 2017, entitled "Kobe Steel’s Falsified Data Is Another Blow to Japan’s Reputation."


Please note that Ushijima & Partners will not be able to receive telephone calls and facsimile during the period shown below since our building's electrical system will be shut down for routine mainte

2017.09.26 | Publications

An article written by Hiroyasu Kageshima titled “Is it necessary to disclose the risk of cyber-security in the annual securities report?” was posted on "BUSINESS LAWYERS," a portal site of Bengo4.com.

2017.09.22 | Seminars, etc.

Hiroyasu Kageshima delivered a lecture titled, “Catch-up seminar: Practical operations addressing the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information.”   The outline of the lecture is

2017.09.21 | Seminars, etc.

Masaki Fujii delivered a lecture titled, "Case Study #1: Case of dispute at business succession – in reference to actual dispute cases."   The outline of the lecture is as follows:  

2017.09.21 | Media Appearances

Shin Ushijima's comment was published in a Mlex article dated September 21, 2017, entitled "Toshiba picks Bain-led consortium to buy flash memory unit."

2017.09.20 | Seminars, etc.

Naoki Hieda delivered a lecture titled "IP strategy for overseas operations – points to note and risk measures - " at a monthly seminar hosted by the National Federation of Small Business Associations