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影島広泰弁護士・Gerald P. McAlinn教授・山内大将弁護士が執筆したデジタルビジネスに関する論文(英語)がThomson ReutersのPractical Lawに掲載されました。

2015.12.1 | 著作・論文・記事等

影島広泰弁護士・Gerald P. McAlinn慶應義塾大学教授・山内大将弁護士が執筆した「Digital business in Japan: overview」と題する論文(英語)がThomson Reutersの「Practical Law」 に掲載されました。


●Regulatory overview
●Setting up a business online
●Running a business online
  - Electronic contracts
●Implications of running a business online
●Cyber security/privacy protection/data protection
●Domain names
●Jurisdiction and governing law
●Protecting an online business
  - Liability for content online
●Online resources
  - Basic Law on the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society
  - Interpretative Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading
  - Japanese law translation
●Contributor profiles
  - Hiroyasu Kageshima, Partner
  - Gerald Paul McAlinn, Of Counsel and Professor of Law, Keio Law School
  - Hiroyuki Yamauchi, Associate