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System Development

Many businesses nowadays are dependent on IT systems, and the importance of IT systems is growing more and more.

System development is characterized by the existence of “information asymmetry” for both the user company and the vendor company. The user company that entrusts system development to a vendor has little knowledge and knowhow of information technology and the vendor company that undertakes system development has little knowledge and knowhow of the operations of the user company, whose business is becoming more and more complicated.
Because of this information asymmetry, various issues are occurring in the course of projects, such as increases in cost and requirements, delayed schedules and quality issues, which often result in disputes. Another characteristic these days is the trouble pertaining to the adoption of package software in system development resulting from incompatibility between the software and the user’s operations.

Also, within IT vendors that have undertaken system development, there are endless disputes between the prime vendor and its subcontractors regarding expansion of development scope, cost increase and schedule delays.

Further, in relation to the expansion of the use of cloud computing in systems and services of all industries, from financial institutions to manufacturing, various issues are arising in relation to vendor selection, contract negotiation and supervision of operations.

U&P has a great deal of experience in handling issues pertaining to system development for financial institutions, manufacturers, the service sector, etc., and in matters pertaining to the development of games, embedded software, etc.
For example, we provide support to user companies in addressing IT vendors’ request for cost increases made while the project is still ongoing and in the negotiation with the vendor in cases where a quality issue arises.
We also provide support to IT vendors in analyzing whether it is possible to request an increase in requirements or cost to the user, in negotiations concerning return of development expenses that have been received and by representing the vendor in lawsuits.
Further, we provide support to subcontractors in their negotiation with the prime vendor in relation to a quality or cost issue raised by the prime vendor.

System development is one of the practice areas where we can provide highly professional and practical advice based on our abundant knowledge, theories and experience.