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Hiroyasu Kageshima delivered a lecture on information management rules.

Host: Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.

Date: [Available Period] Friday, April 1, 2022 – Monday, May 9, 2022  [Sign-up Period] Tuesday, March 15, 2022 – Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Lecturer: Hiroyasu Kageshima

Venue: Online (on demand)

Tips for reviewing and streamlining information management rules

The lecturer presents sample provisions, explains what to focus on, and provides specific methods for preparation and integration using case examples.  [Free sample rules will be provided.]

Many companies have prepared and established rules for managing personal information, specific personal information (My Number) and documents, in response to the recent enactment and revision of laws that require companies to manage information strictly. However, such rules need to be reviewed and streamlined on an ongoing basis in line with such revisions, etc., of related laws and guidelines. Furthermore, it is a pressing task to check the consistency of all related rules from the aspect of maintaining internal controls, and the importance of establishing internal systems and internal rules for cybersecurity is increasing. In this seminar, the lecturer explains the tips and methods for preparing, revising and integrating rules related to information management in a plain manner using case examples. Please make use of this seminar for newly formulating your own rules, rechecking excesses or deficiencies of your rules and their application to practical operations.

[Free sample rules will be provided.]

* The sample contains the recording of the seminar held on November 16, 2021.


1. Legal structure addressing information management
(1) Unfair Competition Prevention Act
– Practical points on the “Guidelines for the Management of Trade Secrets” and the “Secret Information Protection Handbook”
(2) Personal Information Protection Act, My Number Act
– Practical points regarding the obligation to take safety control measures stipulated in the Guidelines

2. Basic tasks: Provisions that should be included in the respective rules and points to note in revising them
(1) Personal information handling rules
– Examples of provisions concerning the handling of personal information
– Examples of provisions concerning safety control measures
– Tips for making the rules easy to understand for employees
– Internal system
(2) Specific personal information (My Number data) handling rules
(3) Information management rules
(i) Security policy [Sample]
– How to formulate a policy
– Examples of typical provisions
(ii) Information management rules [Sample]
– Examples of typical provisions
– Points to note in reviewing internal systems and existing company rules

3. Practical tasks: how to integrate the company’s internal rules
(1) How to organize and integrate the company’s internal rules
(2) Example integration of various rules
– An example of how the system should look after integrating various rules created in accordance with “2. Basic tasks” above
– Examples of how to revise provisions for integration

4. Peripheral regulations, written pledges and work rules
(1) Regulations for addressing information leakage
– Regulations for addressing leakage of personal information / My Number data, SNS flaming, etc.
(2) Regulations for the management of outsourced companies
– Provisions that should be stipulated
– Checklist for selecting outsourced companies [Sample]
(3) Written pledge
 (i) Information management
– Written pledge to be obtained from new employees [Sample]
– Written pledge to be obtained from lateral hires [Sample]
– Written pledge to be obtained from resignees [Sample]
(ii) Use of SNS / Internet
– Formulation of social media guidelines and the content of written pledges <Sample>
(4) Work rules
(i) Examples of provisions concerning confidentiality obligations [Sample]
(ii) Examples of provisions concerning obligations not to compete [Sample]
(iii) Examples of provisions concerning the use of SNS / Internet [Sample]
(5) Matters to note when monitoring employees – Internal systems and rules that need to be in place when monitoring employees working from home