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11-1, Nagatacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-6114, Japan

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: G06 Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 7 (directly accessible through the second basement)

Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line: N06 Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 7 (directly accessible through the second basement)

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line: C07 Kokkai-gijido-mae Station, Exit 5 (3 minutes’ walk)

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line: M14 Kokkai-gijido-mae Station, Exit 5 (10 minutes’ walk through Chiyoda Line platform)

Information Management / Cyber Security

Recently, there have been frequent leakages of information on a large scale.
We have come to an era when information leakage affects the very foundation of corporate activities as shown in the cases of leakage of customers’ personal information from companies and leakage to competitors of a company’s know-how that is the source of its’ competitiveness.

When companies think about information management and cyber security, it is important to receive advice not only from security vendors and consultants, but legal advisors as well.
There are various rules and standards which apply to information management.
For example, with respect to personal information, there are the Personal Information Protection Act, various guidelines, JIS Q 15001, etc., and, with respect to privacy, case law is important. Also, with respect to trade secrets, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and related guidelines, etc. are important. Furthermore, various government agencies and organizations are issuing guidelines, etc. regarding cyber security including JIS Q 27000, which address protection of information assets as a whole. We take it as a role expected of attorneys to understand such laws and rules across various areas of expertise and to advise directors on how far they are expected to address the relevant matter in light of their duty of due care.

Having knowledge and experience acquired through handling actual cases of information leakage, that is, knowledge and experience about many “failures,” we are capable of providing advice from the viewpoint of omissions of a company that are considered to be problems when a dispute or lawsuit arise. We also provide a service to dispatch lecturers, etc. for in-house training based on such knowledge and experience.

In addition, we have numerous achievements regarding the My Number Act which fully came into force in January, 2016.
We provide a broad range of services such as examination of operation flows pertaining to the handling of My Numbers, review of information management systems and advice upon the occurrence of problems to many clients including banks, insurance companies, securities companies, foreign exchange dealers, IT vendors, retail distributors, restaurant business operators, publishers, manufactures, dispatch business operators and other various organizations.