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Hiroyasu Kageshima delivered a lecture on practical measures and essential points regarding information security.

Host: Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.
Available Period: Friday, July 1, 2022 – Monday, August 8, 2022
Sign-up Period: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – Friday, July 22, 2022
Venue: Online (on demand)

Up-to-Date Practical Measures and Essential Points Regarding Information Security That Are Indispensable for Corporations

The seminar addresses the now-common telecommuting and the latest laws and guidelines!  It is indispensable for reviewing and enhancing the information management systems of your company and your contractors.

In addition to the recent rampant ransomware and targeted attacks, there have been many cases of smuggling of internal information by retiring employees. Now that telecommuting has become common practice, it is one of the most important tasks to review and enhance internal information management systems with an eye on the latest trends. Also, if the actions taken to address such incidents are not in line with laws and guidelines, the company may assume significant responsibilities or disadvantages; therefore, it is indispensable to build an internal system that incorporates necessary practical measures. In this seminar, the lecturer explains matters ranging from basic concept of laws to the latest information on guidelines, and specifically shows you essential points of practical operations necessary to safely protect and manage trade secrets and personal information. This seminar is optimum for reviewing and reconstructing your information management systems and those of your contractors.


1. Nowadays, there is an increasing necessity to review and enhance information management systems.

(1) Recent cases of information leakage and lessons to be learned
– Unauthorized smuggling of information by a leaving employee
– Leakage through ransomware and demand for ransom
– Massive personal information leakage

(2) Laws and guidelines related to information management and their structure
– For companies, what are the “obligations”?
– Information that should be protected and means for protection

2. Internal systems and data management for the protection of trade secrets and know-how

(1) Laws, guidelines, etc., governing the protection of trade secrets
– Basics of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act
* What are “trade secrets”?
* Civil remedies
* Penal provisions (punishment for attempted acts, severe punishments in overseas countries, etc.)

(2) Practical measures to prevent information leaks
(i) “Three-Step Measures to Prevent Leakage” and “Five Measures” based on the “Secret Information Protection Handbook” and the “Guidebook”
(ii) Human management / systematic management
– Establishment of internal organizational structure
– System of security policies and internal regulations
– Implementation of education and training (specific examples, subject matter, method, etc.)
(iii) Practical measures to prevent data leakage, unauthorized use, etc.

3. Laws and practices concerning prevention of personal information leakage

(1) Confirmation of “safety control measures” under the Personal Information Protection Act

(2) Practical operations of safety control measures based on guidelines
(i) Systematic, personal, physical and technical safety control measures
(ii) Points to note when storing data in overseas servers

(3) Supervision of outsourced companies
(i) Points to note in contracts and internal systems for supervising outsourced companies
(ii) Reviewing the manner of supervising outsourced companies based on recent judicial precedents

4. Practical measures pertaining to cybersecurity and prevention of internal misconduct

(1) What actions qualify you as performing legal obligations?
– Legal obligations related to cybersecurity based on judicial precedents
~ Failing what holds you legally liable? ~

(2) Cybersecurity Management Guidelines
– Internal systems required for cybersecurity

(3) Preparation for latest cyberattacks
(i) Targeted attacks
(ii) Ransomware

(4) System to prevent information leakage due to internal misconduct

5. Matters to note when working from home or outside the office

(1) Provisions of regulations for monitoring employees

(2) Matters to note that are peculiar to working from home and outside the office
– Protection of trade secrets
– Safety control measures for handling personal data

(3) Actions to take in the event of information leakage or other incidents – Points on company rules for addressing incidents