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Hiroyasu Kageshima delivered a lecture on the establishment of internal systems an regulations for information management.

Date: Monday, October 17, 2022 to Friday, December 16, 2022
Venue: Online

Establishment of Internal Systems and Regulations for Information Management

~ How to establish practical internal systems and regulations that comply with various guidelines and address the latest information security trends ~

Outline of the Seminar

There have been many cases of information leakage and ransomware that have caused serious damage to companies, and the importance of information management is being loudly voiced. In this seminar, the lecturer first explains the matters that need to be stipulated in the internal regulations and work rules, and then explains how to review the existing systems and internal regulations concerning information management with specific samples of various regulations.


1. Latest trends in information security and legal responsibility

(1) Leakage of trade secrets ~ Smuggling of manufacturing technology, research data, customer information, etc.

(2) Leakage of personal information ~ Mismanagement, erroneous operation/cyber-attacks, data leakage from systems

(3) Cyberattacks ~ Ransomware, targeted e-attacks

(4) Legal responsibility of the company regarding information security observed from judicial precedents

2. Management of personal information

(1) Privacy policy

(2) Personal information handling rules

3. Protection of trade secrets

(1) Information management rules

(2) Practical matters to note in handling trade secrets

4. Integration of various internal regulations

(1) Necessity to integrate

(2) Examples of integrated clauses

5. Practical measures pertaining cybersecurity and prevention of internal misconduct

(1) Cybersecurity Management Guidelines

(2) A system to prevent internal misconduct

(3) How to establish the systems

(4) Emergency response to information leaks

(5) Disclosure of cybersecurity to shareholders and the market

6. Points with respect to information management by cases/devices (summary)