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Host: Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.
Available Period: Thursday, May 12, 2022 – Friday, June 10, 2022
Sign-up Period: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Venue: Online (on demand)

Basics and Practical Measures of the Handling of My Number Data for Newly Appointed Personnel

From the basics to updates of the My Number System, and matters to note when performing collection, information management and disposition.

[Free sample rules and standard forms will be provided]

There are various regulations governing the handling of My Number data, including laws, regulations and guidelines, and revisions and amendments affecting business operations have been made to such regulations lately. Therefore, for those who are newly appointed to a position that handles My Number data, it is not easy to understand the strict and complex rules under the My Number Act by themselves. This seminar is for those who desire to learn the My Number System from the basics, such as those in HR or the accounting department who are newly appointed to handle My Number data or those who are newly assigned to a management section in charge of handling My Number data, and the lecturer explains the essential points of the Act and the basics of operations that such personnel must know, as well as updates of the My Number System, and presents you with ready-to-use standard forms of company regulations and documents. [Free sample rules and standard forms will be provided.]


1. What is the My Number System?

(1) Outline of the My Number System

(i) Three purposes of the My Number System

(ii) Recent expansion of the use of My Number data (linkage to deposit accounts)

(iii) “Individual Number (My Number)” and “Corporate Number”

(iv) My Number Card and Notification Card

(2) Rules under the My Number Act

(i) What is Specific Personal Information?

(ii) Processes Using Individual Numbers and Processes Related to Individual Numbers

(iii) Points on the three protective measures (restrictions on collection, restrictions on provision and measures to ensure secure management)

(iv) Penal provisions

(3) When private enterprises require My Number data

(i) Procedures concerning national and local taxes

(ii) Procedures concerning social insurance

 (a) Employment insurance

 (b) Health insurance

 (c) Pension

2. Practical operations for collecting My Number data

(1) Designation, notification, etc. of the purpose of use
(2) Practical operations for collecting My Number data with the main purpose of identity verification

(i) Gist of identity verification

 - Identity verification following the abolition of Notification Card in 2020

(ii) Collection of employees’ My Number data

 (a) Handling of the “statement for (changes of) tax deduction for dependents, etc.”

 (b) Handling data of “the insured in the third category” under the National Pension System

 (c) Identity verification using health insurance cards

(iii) Collection of My Number data of entities with respect to which, or persons with respect to whom, a report of payment is prepared

(iv) Collection of shareholders’ My Number data

(3) Check the actual operations ~ How do I handle these cases?

(i) What to do when there is a possibility of change of My Number data

(ii) How should I respond to a refusal to provide My Number data?

(iii) What are the statements that must be written in the form of request for provision of My Number data?

(iv) Should I demand submission of My Number data from a person who refused to submit it?

(v) What do I do if I receive My Number data after I filed a relevant statutory report without filling out the My Number column?

(vi) Do I have to dispose of identity verification documents?

3. Information management related to My Number

(1) An overview of safety control measures
(2) Building company structures that follow relevant guidelines

(i) Formulation of basic policies, internal rules, etc.

(ii) Organizational safety control measures

(iii) Personal safety control measures

(iv) Physical safety control measures

(v) Technical safety control measures

(vi) Acknowledging the external environment (under the revised Guidelines dated April 1, 2022)

(3) Supervision over outsourced companies

(i) Basis of the distinction between management of My Number data that is deemed to be “outsourcing” and management that is not deemed to be “outsourcing”

(ii) Items that need to be included in the service agreement

(4) Check the actual operations ~ How do I handle these cases?

(i) Results of “on-site inspections” by the Personal Information Protection Commission

(ii) What are the measures to take in the case of possible leakage or loss of My Number data?

(iii) When there are employees seconded, transferred or holding more than one position within group companies, how do I keep and use their My Number data?

4. Provision and Disposition of My Number data

(1) Handling My Number data of former employees

   ~ Providing a former employee’s My Number data to his/her new employer pursuant to the Amendment enforced on September 1, 2021

(2) Handling My Number data of family members who have ceased to be dependents
(3) The situations where you can retain My Number data of your business connections with respect to which you submitted a report of payment, and the situations where you have to dispose of such My Number data

* The contents, etc. may be changed based on the latest trends.

* This seminar is recommended for general business companies.