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Hiroyasu Kageshima delivered a lecture on the protection of personal information, trade secrets and know-how and the latest measures for cybersecurity.

Host: SMBC Consulting Co., Ltd.
Date: Friday, June 10, 2022, 10:00 – 13:00
Venue: Gofukubashi Building

Growing Security Risks in Connection with the Current Spread of Telecommuting

~ Protection of personal information, trade secrets and know-how, and the latest measures for cybersecurity ~

There have been cases of leakage of personal information and trade secrets from large companies and massive cyberattacks against payment services and the like. In response, various guidelines concerning information security are being released and revised. However, there must be many companies that are having difficulties understanding the relationships among those guidelines and what issues and to what extent the companies are required to address them.

In this seminar, the lecturer introduces case examples and court precedents concerning information security, analyzes what kinds of information security are required of companies as a legal obligation, and practically explains in what manner companies need to address information security based on laws, regulations and guidelines for personal information and trade secrets, the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines, regulations on disclosure, etc.


1. Information security based on case examples
1) Recent cases of information leaks
2) Recent cases of cyber-attacks

2. Information security and responsibility of companies/management
1) Legislative system for information security and the system that companies should implement
2) Information security and responsibility of companies observed from court precedents

3. Protection of Personal Information
1) The basics of the Personal Information Protection Act and five obligations of a company
2) Information management based on the guidelines
3) Internal systems to appropriately supervise outsourced companies
4) Explanation of the right form of internal organizational structure based on samples of personal information handling regulations, etc.
5) Telecommuting and protection of personal information

4. Protection of trade secrets and know-how
1) Basics of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act
– How are trade secrets and know-how protected under law?
2) Guidelines for the Management of Trade Secrets
3) Secret Information Protection Handbook
4) Explanation of samples of contracts, covenants, etc.
5) Telecommuting and trade secrets

5. Cybersecurity
1) Points of the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines
2) Targeted email attacks
3) Companies’ actions based on the cases of cyberattacks against payment services
4) Statement of information security risks in the annual securities report
5) Points with respect to the security of control systems 6) Points with respect to cybersecurity for telecommuting