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Tokyo 100-6114, Japan

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: G06 Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 7 (directly accessible through the second basement)

Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line: N06 Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 7 (directly accessible through the second basement)

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line: C07 Kokkai-gijido-mae Station, Exit 5 (3 minutes’ walk)

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line: M14 Kokkai-gijido-mae Station, Exit 5 (10 minutes’ walk through Chiyoda Line platform)


1. Importance of “compliance” in a highly information-oriented society
In recent years, information is communicated instantaneously to wide range of people through the Internet, etc. and there have been many corporations that have faced a crisis of instantaneous loss of credibility or corporate value due to inappropriate responses to non-compliance. Therefore, there is now increasing public awareness of the importance of the establishment of an internal control systems and the “compliance” to avoid such incidents in advance.

2. We can offer support in structuring appropriate compliance systems, etc.
Our firm has been advocating the need to establish internal control systems. As part of our services, we have provided lectures for managers and in-house training on compliance, proposed structuring of internal control systems and prepared compliance manuals and various internal rules. Thus, we have been actively involved in structuring a more effective internal control system.

3. Proactive efforts in addressing non-compliance cases
In cases of corporate misdoings related to non-compliance, our firm supports our clients in, for example, fact-finding, causal analyses and formulation of preventive measures. We also advise about how to cope with serious crises, including advice on internal investigations, reporting to supervisory authorities, handling investigations by investigating authorities and responding to mass media, based on our experience in working as a member of external committees, an assistant inspector and the like. On the other hand, always having our sights on corporate social responsibility (CSR), we support clients in enriching and enhancing their compliance systems and in their positive efforts for establishing whistle-blowing systems, etc. by, among other means, acting as a point of contact for whistle-blowing. We are sustaining our efforts to proactively deal with the changes of the times.